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Do Supplements Help or Hinder Your Health?

By Dr. Jon Thomas D.C.

Image courtesy of Vibrant Life Health Center
Nutritional supplements are a big business.  In 2015, Americans spent more than $21 billion on supplements.  Whether we’re talking vitamins, minerals, or other over-the-counter compounds, supplements are important when it comes to addressing deficiencies in the body. This can include glandular and organ deficiencies at the cellular level.  Supplements are a critical component in helping your body perform at its best.  Physiology relies on the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and metabolites to function.  By identifying specific deficiencies in an individual, it’s critical that the proper supplements are taken at the proper doses to achieve balance.

The Best Valentine of All

By Dr. Jon Thomas D.C.

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With Valentine’s Day being right around the corner, I thought I’d give all of my readers an early present by sharing the experience that a couple I am treating has experienced with our fat loss program at Vibrant Life Health Center. 

Keith and Becky Manderson decided to team up to lose weight about a year ago.  At the time, Keith had a 52-inch waistline.  He was also on high blood pressure medication. 

Keith’s Story

“A year ago, I wore the biggest pair of pants you could buy at Walmart.  Now I wear a 42.  What’s even better is the way there fat loss system treats your body.  You’re not hungry all the time.  You get to eat real food.  The main thing is you get to talk to the doctor every day.  If something isn’t looking right, he’ll tell you which way to go, and it will straighten you out. 

Why Most Diets Are Doomed

By Dr. Jon Thomas

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Almost everyone at some point in their lives decides they want to lose a few pounds.  That’s a given. Through either the action of time or circumstance, most of us wake up one morning and look in the mirror only to decide that we don’t like what we see staring back at us.  The problem is when that fateful day occurs, when you decide it’s time to trim down, there is no simple solution.  That’s because while there are nearly as many diet plans as there are stars in the sky, trying to find one that actually works is nearly as complicated as putting a man on the Moon.

All Diets Are NOT Created Equal