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Chiropractic Testimonial

Hector Cisneros Chiropractic Testimonial.
"I'm a big proponent of chiropractic but what I want to tell you today is how special and different Dr Jon is from Other Chiropractors!" -  "His exam is extremely comprehensive... Above and beyond other chiropractors I have used" - "When I walked in I had very specific pains and when I walked out they were gone!" - "I'm a patient for Life!"

Watch This short testimonial video, its worth the watch.

Watch this show to see Cheryl Husband give his testimonial about our care.

“This entire staff is not only professional, welcoming, but EXTREMELY knowledgeable and well, practically miracle-working. They immediately help one feel at ease. The office, although obviously a healthcare business, has a sense of personality and warmth to it, that is out of the ordinary, in a wonderful way! It is almost like you can feel at home, while there. Dr. Thomas has worked with my husband’s situation three sessions now, and already my husband’s comfort level and range of motion has changed dramatically. Simple tasks that once were grueling for him are now almost natural again! If you question whether a visit to a chiropractor may be helpful to you, GO to this group!!!! They will listen, and if they cannot help, will let you know that even if their services may not be what you need, they have colleagues who can help. Their interest is in the health of the person – and it shows, in every aspect of what they do. SINGING HIGH PRAISES of this office, staff, and Dr Thomas!!!! You’ll be a believer, too – see for yourself!!!!!” Cheryl 

"I am a cancer survivor and had no appetite for over twelve years, after one adjustment my appetite took off and I was able to eat more food than I could in a long time." Kay

"I did not even realize I had back pain until Dr. Jon adjusted me and I had NO pain!" Kim

“When I came in I was barely able to stand or walk with pain radiating down my leg, After one visit I was able to walk and was 90% better!” Roger

“I had a headache for over seven days straight and after taking pain relievers, and seeing other health care providers I came in to Vibrant Life Health Center desperate for relief! After my Adjustment from Dr. Jon showed me where my problem was and adjusted me it was gone!” Ramona