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About Tracy Thomas

“Choose Joy, live with passion!” — Tracy Thomas
Tracy’s personal experience in seeing the changes chiropractic and nutrition performs in people’s lives drives a complete passion to devote her life to the mission of true Health & Wellness.She is one of the leading office manager’s in Chiropractic throughout the U.S. being sought for consultations and training. Tracy previously served many years in the automotive industry in manufacturing management exhibiting mastery in skilled implementation, project management, and leadership. Tracy is currently working on completing her Bachelorette degree in Psychology at Life University in Marietta, GA.

Tracy’s family is first priority. Tracy is married to her husband Jon for 16 years and is the mother of four children; this sharpens her focus on making life transformations easy. Her family shares in the joy of health and wellness as she has made it a priority to pass on her wisdom of nutrition and healthy living on to her children. For fun Tracy loves reading, cooking, taking Sunday trips with her husband, and photography.

Tracy’s life was changed years ago and through her intensive transformation stands as a testimony to the life changing value of what we do at Vibrant Life Health Center.

Being transformed she has developed such a deep passion for health, wellness, and nutrition that she is a well-known source for implementation of nutrition programs in chiropractic offices. Being a seasoned Office Manager in a high volume Chiropractic Clinic she provides leadership for success. From Nutritional Consultation, Weight Loss, and Chiropractic transformation she has a passion to change lives.

Tracy is dedicated to developing and providing the best care available to her patients and spends countless hours outside the office educating herself on health and wellness. Through Tracy’s life experience and success in multiple office settings her focus is to make it easy for our clients to implement and stick to programs leading to lifestyle changes that result in patients that heal, feel, and function better then they have ever before. From were to shop for healthy alternatives to the foods we eat she is an accomplished coach.

Tracy is a member of the following local organizations:

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