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Why Testing Trumps Guessing

By Dr. Jon Thomas DC BCIM

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We’ve all been there, at the doctor’s office for the fourth or fifth time, wondering why we keep getting another prescription for the same problem we came in to cure in the first place.  This scenario is pretty typical for Western medicine.  You start off by going to the doctor in order to explain what is ailing you.  The physician or nurse practitioner listens to you.  Maybe you are asked a few questions, after which you are issued a prescription for some type of antibiotic, painkiller, muscle relaxant or an anti-inflammatory, depending on what the issue is.  Then you are sent on your way, with the hope that the pills you were prescribed are going to provide you with some relief.

Hopefully, the doctor guessed right, and you feel better.  But what happens when the pills you were prescribed don’t eliminate the symptoms?  That means that you will wind up right back in the same office a week or two later with the same complaint.  After asking you yet more questions, you wind up leaving the office with yet another prescription which may or may not cure whatever is ailing you.  Sound familiar? 

Can You Beat Pain with a Pill?

By Dr. Jon Thomas DC, BCIM

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When it comes to living life to its fullest, pain is the regulator on all our activities.  No matter how much you want to achieve a personal fitness goal or take your workout routine to the next level, no amount of motivation is going to be able to overcome pain when it rears its ugly head.  That’s as it should be since pain has evolved right along with homo sapiens to let us know when to back off.  It’s what told our caveman ancestors to pull their hands out of the fire, among other things.