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The Life N Balance Membership Program

By Dr, Jon ThomasDC, BCIM

Image courtesy of Vibrant Life Health Center
A lot of people come to our office and ask us about health and wellness plans.  They’ve exhausted all their options trying to figure out what kind of supplements they should be taking.  They’ve had countless blood tests analyzed and then tried to figure out what the results were telling them.  They attempted to determine what they need to do to get all the systems in their body working at their best.  That’s why we developed the Life N Balance Membership Program.

Everyday Sustainability

By Dr. Jon Thomas D.C., B.C.I.M.

In the past, my blog has concerned itself with telling you how to correct health issues or improve a condition.  Whether you wanted to lose weight, eliminate pain, correct a structural or nutritional imbalance, and/or become more active, I have shown you the steps needed to accomplish that goal. This week, I want to cover the other side of chiropractic care, which is concerned with helping patients sustain their health day in and day out.  This philosophy is at the heart of my practice.  

At Vibrant Life Health Center, this tenet is so important that it’s stated right on our homepage:

We at Vibrant Life Health Center are here to help you obtain optimum performance so that you feel healthy and have a positive outlook on life.  However, this is only going to happen if you are able to SHIFT your mindset and lifestyle in these five areas:  Skeletal Structure, Headspace, Intake of Nutrients, Functional Fitness, and Toxic Burden.

Going Green to Lose Weight

By Dr. Jon Thomas

Everyone is into going green these days.  And why not, since going green is good for the environment.  Everyone knows that.  However, what many people don’t realize is that you can also lose weight by going green.  Whether raw or cooked, greens of all kinds are low in calories and high in nutrition.  Let’s take a look at lettuce:

 Lettuce Alone

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Green and Red Leaf – A whole head is only around ten calories and loaded with potassium and calcium. 

Romain – Only a calorie per leaf, you can’t go wrong.

Iceberg – Less than one calorie per leaf, but lower in calcium and potassium than Romain. 

That being said, where the rubber meets the road in terms of dieting depends on the ways in which you consume your lettuce.  While a tablespoon of oil and vinegar only add seven calories to a salad, Ranch, French or Caesar’s dressing can add 75 calories per tablespoon.