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By  Dr. Jon Thomas D.C PSc.D, Board Certified Chiropractic Physician.
Did you know that more than one third of Americans are considered to be obese? It’s an epidemic that is getting worse. The estimated annual health care costs associated with illnesses borne from obesity are a whopping $192 billion! Even worse is the fact that it is preventable. 

We live in an instant gratification society where most people don’t take enough time to do the things that are best for their bodies and minds. Did you know that one in four Americans claims to eat some type of fast food daily, even though they know it may not be the most healthy or nutritious option?

If you are looking to realize a happier, healthier life, you need to consider making a few lifestyle changes. Here’s how it can be done.

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Americans are notorious for yo-yo dieting and jumping on the latest weight loss bandwagon. Most people typically lose a few pounds in the beginning, then go right back to their old eating habits. In fact, recent studies show that fad diets have a 92% failure rate! It’s impossible to change your metabolism by just counting the number of calories you can consume in a day, especially when you consider that pre-packaged foods are not whole foods. They are frozen, salt and sugar repositories that are far from ideal for your health.

The weight loss pill industry produces between $20 and $40 billion in revenue annually. That’s a lot of dieters. The FDA does not regulate over-the-counter diet pills, so there is no way of really knowing what they contain. Many have ingredients that increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Why take the chance when you can change your lifestyle by taking a natural, healthy approach that truly addresses the issue?


NutriMost can be the first step to becoming a healthier you. It’s based on the Five Essentials of Weight Loss created by Dr. Ray Wisniewski, the founder and creator of the NutriMost Ultimate Fat Loss System.


  1. Hydrate, cleanse and balance pH
  2. Nutritional detoxification
  3. Personalized based on hormones and body type
  4. Doctor supervised and personalized
  5. Proprietary System set to reset the hypothalamus and weight set point
  Through the NutriMost system you will learn: (

      How to give your body the best chance to overcome nearly every condition
      How to leverage energy created by your DNA- and how it can assist healing
      How to decrease your healing time by 66%
      How to get the best sleep and turn your adrenals and your energy on
      How the five essentials of healing can totally change the way you look at how your body heals

      The diet that heals on a cellular basis


The first step starts with a scan. This is a pretty advanced technology, so I’ll give you a little insight into how this is done. Utilizing NFR Technology, the Nutrimost Ultimate Fat Loss Scan, we can zero in on nearly every factor of fat burning, fat storage and fat metabolism. Essentially the NRF technology takes a hormonal “snapshot” of your chemical responses and determines the exact program a person needs to follow to reach the ultimate fat burning state. This provides the ability to personalize a program that will help bring your body back to a state of self-healing and optimum health.


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A holistic approach to health is our philosophy at the Vibrant Life Health Center. As determined by your personal profile, nutritional supplemental drops will be added to your regimen to correct any imbalances and stabilize your system so your body can heal itself.
Whole, fresh foods are vital to any sound nutritional program and NutriMost is no exception. The foods you can and can’t eat will be prescribed from your individual assessment. Say no to pre-packaged foods. You don’t need them and you won’t want them (anymore).  Keep in mind, this is a process to enrich your body and bring it back to optimum health and your optimum weight.


NutriMost works! That is, if you follow the personalized plan designed specifically for you. You won’t be hungry because the NutriMost system is giving you what your body needs to function properly. The harmful toxins in your body will be whisked away while your hormones are balanced, enabling you to lose the weight you desire. With a little work and fortitude, it is possible to lose 20 pounds or more in just 40 days. That’s right, just 40 days.

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The NutriMost system is one of the safest, most effective weight loss programs available today. That’s because it was created by a doctor.  Dr. Ray Wisniewski is the creator and founder of the NutriMost Ultimate Fat Loss System. He created a weight loss plan that is designed to guide you every step of the way. Dr. Thomas will also keep in touch with you on a daily basis to help keep you on track.


Don’t take my word for it, click on the link below where you can see how NutriMost has helped many people achieve their weight loss goals while improving their quality of life.  Then you too will see that when it comes to taking control of your health, less is more.

In this article I have talked about the obesity epidemic we are experiencing in the US and how the NutriMost weigh loss system provides a natural and healthy way to achieve fat loss. This system allows you to begin the journey back to health in as little as 40 days.

If you found this article useful, please share it with your friends, family and co-worker. Take the time to visit our testimonials page on our website and don’t forget we are a full service chiropractic office that is here to help you deal with pain as well. If you have a comment you would like to express about this article please leave it in the comment section of this blog.

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Until next time.

Dr. Jon Thomas is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician, his interest in health started at an early age resulting from an athletic life including BMX racing, Professional Snow Skiing, Water Skiing, Baseball, Weight Lifting, and Martial Arts. After learning from top health experts in the world, Dr. Thomas’s life is dedicated to reaching people of all ages to begin their life transformation. The goal is to start the body healing resulting in a body that is functioning at its optimal.  In addition to serving his community in his Mandarin Based Practice, Dr. Thomas is seen regularly on TV’s First Coast Living talking about his patient’s transformations, speaking at events throughout the community, and writing articles to re-shape the health of the Jacksonville Community.

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  1. I really do believe in the holistic approach to health and weight loss. Makes sense.

  2. Using hydration and whole foods as key components is a great way to go!

  3. The real secret to losing weight is making a long term commitment to a diet and exercise plan you are willing to stick with.