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What's Does Thermography Have to do with Breast Cancer?

By Dr. Jon Thomas, DC, PSc.D, Board Certified Chiropractic Physician.
Dr. Thomas and Tracy Thomas
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October is Breast Health Awareness Month with many national and local events to raise awareness about breast health and cancer. The awareness is important to maintain not only throughout the month but to make sure it is an integral part of your preventative health plan. Understanding the steps you can take to screen, exam, and monitor breast health is a potent strategy. At Vibrant Life Health Center we are excited to share that we have added Meditherm Thermography which is the new gold standard in breast prevention which is described in more detail below.
There are many events going on in Jacksonville during October to raise awareness about breast cancer and breast health. Check out the calendar on the Florida Times-Union website for a list of events. Breast Cancer Awareness Calendar.  
Important Facts to know About Breast Health Prevention:
      Mammograms are currently not recommended for women under age 50 (who are most at risk for developing aggressive breast cancer) or women with breast implants.
      Annual thermograms are recommended for women under 50, followed by ultrasound if the thermogram is abnormal.
      Mammography is not capable of detecting breast cancer early, when quick action could improve long-term survival; mammography's error rate is unacceptable; and, exposure to the X-Rays used in mammography is reported to actually increase the risk of developing breast cancer.
      Thermography is safe, accurate, and approved by the FDA for breast cancer risk assessment. It is successfully used throughout the world to detect signs of breast cancer up to 10 years before the cancer is detectable using mammography.
      Extensive clinical trials have shown that breast thermography significantly augments the long term survival rates of its recipients by as much as 61%.
      When used as a multimodal approach (clinical exam + mammography + thermography), 95% of early stage cancers will be detected.

Why is early detection so important?
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What Are the Symptoms of Breast Cancer?
According to the Centers for Disease Control, symptoms of breast cancer can include any change in the size or the shape of the breast, pain in any area of the breast, nipple discharge other than breast milk (including blood), and a new lump in the breast or underarm. However, some people have no symptoms at all.
Most women who get breast cancer have no obvious risk factors and no family history of the disease. Factors that influence a person’s risk for breast cancer include being 50 years old or older. Although breast cancer screening cannot prevent breast cancer, it can help to identify breast cancer early, when it is easier to treat.
Early Detection is the Key to Survival!
Vibrant Life Health Center now offers Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI). DITI has been recognized as a viable diagnostic tool since 1987 by the AMA Council on Scientific Affairs, the ACA Council on Diagnostic Imaging, the Congress of Neuro-Surgeons, and the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
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Medical DITI is a non-invasive diagnostic technique which allows a practitioner to measure changes in skin surface temperature. An infrared scanning device converts infrared radiation emitted from the surface of the skin into electrical impulses. Those impulses produce a color image on a monitor. The images are referred to as thermograms, and they provide a map of a body’s temperature. Since there is normally a high degree of symmetry in body temperature, abnormal temperatures can be easily identified.
When people have a disease or an injury, one way to pinpoint it is by finding any thermal abnormalities in the patient’s body. DITI enables practitioners to detect and monitor diseases and injuries. DITI helps doctors to monitor injuries by comparing new images to images taken previously. DITI’s role in breast cancer and other breast disorders is to help in the early detection and monitoring of abnormal physiology. It takes years for a tumor to grow. The faster a malignant tumor grows, the more infrared radiation it generates.
Early detection of any abnormality is one of the keys to successful intervention and treatment. For younger women in particular, results from DITI screening can lead to early detection. DITI is non-invasive and it takes only fifteen minutes! There’s no waiting for days, or even hours, on the results. Color images are provided which help doctors and their patients visualize exactly what’s going on in the body.

DITI for Pain and Injuries
DITI is also used to locate problem areas associated with injuries. DITI is frequently used to help in the diagnosis of ankle injuries, shin splints, stress fractures, spinal pain syndromes, shoulder injuries, and foot pain syndromes. DITI can also be used to locate the sources of muscle, ligament, and nerve injuries.
If you would like to set up an appointment for DITI at Vibrant Life Health Center, please contact the office. If you’re suffering with pain in any part of your body and you’d like to find out how Chiropractic can help, or if you’d like to find out more about our Life in Balance program, please call.

This article discusses Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is in October. I’ve also provided information about Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) which can be very effective for the early detection of breast cancer. Vibrant Life Health Center now offers DITI to patients.
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Life Health Center
Dr. Jon Thomas is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician. His practice, The Vibrant Life Health Center, is located in the Mandarin section of Jacksonville. His interest in health and fitness started early, and his athletic pursuits have included BMX racing, Professional Snow Skiing, Water Skiing, Baseball, Weightlifting, and Martial Arts. After studying and learning from some of the top health experts throughout the world, Dr. Thomas dedicated his life to helping people of all ages to transform their lives. The objective for each patient is to initiate the body’s healing and to work progressively toward a body that functions optimally. Dr. Thomas is seen regularly on TV on First Coast Living, where he discusses the transformations of his patients. He also speaks at events throughout the community and writes informative articles to improve the health of residents throughout Northeast Florida.


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