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What does Chiropractic have to do with hurricanes?

By Dr. Jon Thomas, DC, PSc.D, Board Certified Chiropractic Physician.

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As residents of Northeast Florida recently discovered, a hurricane can be a major disruption. People try to be as prepared as possible, but there never seems to be enough time to prepare fully. When the storm hits, people hunker down and wonder when the power will go out. After the storm hits, they begin to take steps to clean up and then go on with their lives.
Every step of the way, there is some potential for injury. For example, some families have storm supplies in storage. Getting those supplies out of storage may involve gaining access to attics by ladders and pulling heavy items down from shelves. Reaching and lifting storm supplies, which seem like a routine activity, can lead to injury.
Also, in the preparation phase for a serious storm, people buy supplies like canned foods and bottled water. Cases of bottled water and canned foods are heavy. For someone who doesn’t get much exercise, picking up a case of water can cause a back injury.
Another thing that people purchase in anticipation of power outages are generators. In addition to being very heavy, generators are awkward to lift and carry. Just getting a generator out of a truck or van can cause a back injury.
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Note: When running a generator, it’s very important to read the instructions. Generators produce carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless gas which can kill a person in minutes. Also, since the exhaust from a generator is hot, it’s very important to make sure that the exhaust isn’t pointed toward anything flammable like wood siding.
During a storm, simply moving around a house can become challenging after the power goes out. Even with a flashlight, you don’t see as well as you would with normal lighting. It’s easy to trip or to bump into things when the lights are out. Another storm hazard involves dealing with high winds outside, which can result in a fall.
The danger isn’t over even after the storm passes by. In the aftermath of a storm, people sometimes hurt their backs, shoulders, and necks. There may be large trees or tree limbs that need to be cut and moved. Cutting wood may involve using the shoulder muscles in ways that most people don’t do very often. Then there’s debris that needs to be hauled to the street. Some of that debris can be heavy and awkward to drag.
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How can a Chiropractor help?
Anytime a person has a back, neck, or shoulder injury, the first thing he or she should consider is getting checked out by a qualified Chiropractor. A trained Chiropractor knows that there are different kinds of pain and different ways to deal with pain. For example, pulsating pain is frequently associated with the cardiovascular system. Burning pain is often associated with the nervous system. Dull aching pain is frequently associated with muscles.
A Chiropractor understands the differences and knows the best approach to deal with these different types of pain.  Pain is essentially a signal, like a check engine light in a car. It tells people that something is not right in the body. A Chiropractor will assess the signal and figure out what’s causing the problem. Then he or she can get to the root cause.
The spine houses and protects the nervous system. When there is a misalignment in the spine, it can inhibit communication back and forth with the brain. It doesn’t take much of a misalignment to shut a nerve off. At that point, the brain may not be able to properly control a part of the body.
Through spinal decompression, a Chiropractor can increase the space for nerves to send their signals to the brain. There are no vessels in the disks and without Chiropractic, there is no way to remove toxins from the disks. A Chiropractic adjustment can help to rehydrate and nourish the disks.
Chiropractic is the safest form of healthcare available.
There are several different techniques available for dealing with the pain issues that people have. Whereas one technique may work very well for one person, it may not work well for another person with a similar condition. That’s why it’s good to go to a Chiropractor who has been trained in more than one or two techniques. A Chiropractor who knows six, eight or more techniques obviously has more tools at his disposal than a Chiropractor who only knows one or two techniques.
Developing a relationship with a Chiropractor
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Many people wait until they have a serious problem before setting up an appointment with a Chiropractor. There’s really no need to do that. When a person goes to a Chiropractor as a part of a routine health regimen, the Chiropractor becomes familiar with the patient’s issues and concerns. That kind of relationship helps the doctor to address a patient’s problems as they come up.
At Vibrant Life Health Center, we now offer the Life in Balance plan which addresses all the needs of our patients. It incorporates weight loss, nutrition, fitness, Chiropractic, and much more. The Life in Balance plan eliminates the need to go to several practitioners who have different specialties.
If you have acute or chronic pain and you’d like to find out how Chiropractic can help, set up an appointment with Dr. Thomas at the Vibrant Life Health Center. If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a long time and just can’t seem to do it, let Dr. Thomas explains the NutriMost program which helps people lose twenty to forty pounds or more in just forty days. And if you’d like to check out the Life In Balance plan which can address every area of a patient’s health, call Vibrant Life to set up an appointment.

This article discusses the different ways Chiropractic can provide the solution to various types of pain. I’ve also provided information about Vibrant Life Health Center’s Life in Balance program which incorporates weight loss, nutrition, fitness, musculoskeletal health, and much more.
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Dr. Jon Thomas is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician. His practice, The Vibrant Life Health Center, is located in the Mandarin section of Jacksonville. His interest in health and fitness started early, and his athletic pursuits have included BMX racing, Professional Snow Skiing, Water Skiing, Baseball, Weightlifting, and Martial Arts. After studying and learning from some of the top health experts throughout the world, Dr. Thomas dedicated his life to helping people of all ages to transform their lives. The objective for each patient is to initiate the body’s healing and to work progressively toward a body that functions optimally. Dr. Thomas is seen regularly on TV on First Coast Living, where he discusses the transformations of his patients. He also speaks at events throughout the community and writes informative articles to improve the health of residents throughout Northeast Florida.


  1. Most people realize that a hurricane can be a life changing event. What they don't realize is that the potential for injury while preparing for and cleaning up after the storm can also be life changing as well.

  2. Great article. When we are under stress, bad things often happen. A chiropractor is often the best help for those strains and pain that develop when you over exert yourself.

  3. Interesting that many of the hazards are after the dust has settled, so to speak.