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Losing Weight with Nutrimost

By  Dr. Jon Thomas D.C PSc.D, Board Certified Chiropractic Physician.

Testimonials of Transformation

The media bombards all of us with an idealized image of health and fitness. Weight loss programs are everywhere. The problem is that these programs try to squeeze everyone into the same box and mold them into the one-size-fits-all image of health. Every human being is unique, and so are our expressions of life and health. 

At the Vibrant Life Health Center, our desire and commitment is to empower each of our patients with life-saving knowledge. We strive daily to help all of our patients realize a healthier and happier lifestyle with less sickness, less disease, and fewer preventable deaths. A world where children are healthier, families are happier, and marriages and relationships are enriched.

Most weight loss programs will tell people that they have to count calories to lose weight. This is their core principle. If you lower caloric intake and increase your activity level, you will lose weight. The most common way to do this is to either plan a diet with certain foods to restrict  daily calorie intake or provide pre-packaged food from a box. The problem with this approach is that people gain their lost weight right back.

Here’s why. As you lower your caloric intake, your metabolism slows down because it has less work to do. With most programs, after the weight is lost, people go back to eating a normal, sustainable amount of food each day. However, since their metabolism has slowed, it can’t process all the food. Excess calories get stored right back in the body as fat.

At Vibrant Life, we use NutriMost Resonant Frequency Technology (NRFT) to develop a customized plan for each patient. With NRFT, we find the patient’s specific weaknesses, balance the imbalances, and strengthen the body to reach optimal health. No other weight loss program has the technology to do this.

NRFT enables the body to communicate its needs without any guessing. Using galvanic skin response, the technology sends specific messages to the body and monitors the physiochemical response. NRFT allows the more than 400 million communications that occur per second in the human body to be assessed accurately. Comparisons to the baseline allow for analysis. We use the data to identify biological preferences, biomarkers that are out of range, and areas in which the body may be weak or imbalanced.

NRFT takes a hormonal fingerprint to determine the exact blueprint a person needs to follow to bring the body into an optimal state of fat burning and health. It gives us the capability to measure and assist the body’s innate healing abilities in ways that have never previously been possible. With NRFT, patients lose weight faster, more easily, and more safely than ever before.
Here are a few examples of the success people have had at losing weight with NutriMost.

Debbie’s Story

“The program was much easier than I thought it would be. There were lots of recipes in the book. I was able to get everything I needed from the grocery store. I thought sticking with the program was going to be difficult. However, I was never hungry. About a week into the program I felt so much energy! I used to lay down every day for about an hour. I don’t need to do that anymore. That gives me an extra hour every day to do whatever I need to do. My results were actually better than the goals I set at the beginning. I lost twenty pounds and I lost them in the places where I needed to lose them. I’m fitting into size eights that I could not fit into before.”

Ed’s Story

“I thought the hard part was going to be the hunger I anticipated on the low calorie diet. I found that it wasn’t hard. I wasn’t hungry and I was content with what I was eating.  I felt better throughout the process than I have in the last fifteen years. I had more energy. I slept better. I gradually stopped snoring. My wife liked that! One amazing part of the process is that you expect to feel bad, but that was not the case. I felt better during the forty day burn than I’ve felt in the fifteen years prior to that. I lost 75 pounds. I’m off of blood pressure medication  and cholesterol medication.” 

Kathy’s Story

“I love the fact that the program was very structured and it told me exactly what to do. I thought that the restriction on calories was going to be difficult and I thought I was going to be hungry. That didn’t happen. This was the easiest program I have ever been on. There was never a thought of cheating. I understood from the science of the program that cheating would really derail my progress. I wasn’t hungry and I didn’t deviate from the program at all. I feel fantastic. I just turned fifty. Since completing this program, I feel like I’m thirty again.  I feel better mentally and physically. I lost twenty-three pounds.  I love the way some of my clothes don’t fit because they’re too big for me now. I feel healthy again.” Kathy's video

These stories are not exceptions. These are typical examples of the phenomenal  results real people are experiencing with NutriMost. The program is easy to follow and easy to stick with. People who commit to it and follow through are seeing extraordinary results. No one has to go on being overweight!

Counting calories is not the key to losing weight. The most effective way to lose fat is balancing hormones and neurotransmitters, detoxifying the body, and balancing vitamins and minerals in a way that turns you into an incredible fat burning zone.  NRFT will determine exactly what your body is missing and will allow you to safely lose twenty to forty pounds or more in only 40 days.

In this article, I have explained how the NutriMost Resonant Feedback Technology helps the team at Vibrant Life to develop customized weight loss programs for patients. This article includes testimonials from three patients who have lost weight with the Nutrimost program. 

If you’d like to view more success stories,
check out our testimonials page. 

At Vibrant Life, we address all of the key elements to add vibrance and vitality to your life. If you’d like to learn more about the NutriMost program, please call to set up a consultation. If you know of someone else who might benefit from the NutriMost program, please pass this article along to that person. If you have a comment about this article, please leave it in the comments section of this blog.

Dr. Jon Thomas is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician, his interest in health started at an early age resulting from an athletic life, including BMX racing, Professional Snow Skiing, Water Skiing, Baseball, Weight Lifting, and Martial Arts. After learning from top health experts in the world, Dr. Thomas’s life is dedicated to reaching people of all ages to begin their life transformation. The goal is to start the body healing resulting in a body that is functioning at its optimal.  In addition to serving his community in his Mandarin Based Practice, Dr. Thomas is seen regularly on TV’s First Coast Living talking about his patient’s transformations, speaking at events throughout the community, and writing articles to re-shape the health of the Jacksonville Community.

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  2. WOW these testimonials are phenomenal! I've watched the videos and read the post cards their clients are sending in. I've never seen so many people praising a weight lose system. They really got something here.

  3. Everybody needs help losing weight from time to time. What I like about Nutrimost is that the program also helps you KEEP the weight off.

  4. Very intriguing. Looks like the science, and successes, are there. I wonder if being on a program like Nutrimost changes your hormones, requiring occasional adjustments to the original plan. I know I'd like to lose 20 lbs in 40 days!

  5. The testimonials are amazing and there are a lot of them. The program really must be working.