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The Best Valentine of All

By Dr. Jon Thomas D.C.

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With Valentine’s Day being right around the corner, I thought I’d give all of my readers an early present by sharing the experience that a couple I am treating has experienced with our fat loss program at Vibrant Life Health Center. 

Keith and Becky Manderson decided to team up to lose weight about a year ago.  At the time, Keith had a 52-inch waistline.  He was also on high blood pressure medication. 

Keith’s Story

“A year ago, I wore the biggest pair of pants you could buy at Walmart.  Now I wear a 42.  What’s even better is the way there fat loss system treats your body.  You’re not hungry all the time.  You get to eat real food.  The main thing is you get to talk to the doctor every day.  If something isn’t looking right, he’ll tell you which way to go, and it will straighten you out. 

In the first 40 days, I lost 62 pounds and have lost 137 pounds to date.  I also have more energy.  I’m now able to play with my grandkids.  In the past, I hired multiple trainers that cost me $40 an hour, three days a week.  And after eating all their food and drinking all their shakes, all it did was get my heart rate up.  But I didn’t lose any weight.  Vibrant Life Health Center was a life changer for me.

You’d have to see where I began and where I am now because it’s a huge difference.  When it comes to my health, I had high blood pressure. Now my blood pressure is as low as it’s been in years and my regular doctor was amazed.  He said, ‘What are you doing?’

He knew I had lost weight, but he was shocked when he drew blood at how my other statistics had changed.  After looking at the numbers after analyzing my blood test, my doctor is now giving some of his patients Dr. Jon’s business card.  So, it’s not just losing weight; it’s about all these other benefits as well.”

Becky’s Story

Keith and I decided to do the program as a team.  We held each other accountable.  Keith does the cooking because I don’t.   If we had questions, we would get together and talk about it.  If we couldn’t figure it out on our own, we could always call Dr. Jon.  He and his staff always came through for us with the right answer.  

It just works.  It is a wonderful program.  I have lost over 50 pounds.  I’ve gone down several dress sizes.  When Dr. Jon shared with me how much different my body age is now when compared what it was when we started the program, it was a tremendous motivator.

When we tried other diet programs together, we would lose a few pounds and then we’d gain them right back.  This program teaches you how not to backslide.  When you come off the program, Dr. Jon still works with you to teach you how not to gain the weight back.  You still have the knowledge that you learned while on the program, and it just works.”

Team Work Pays Off

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“When we joined, the first thing Dr. Jon did was give us a list of food that l works best with our bodies.  My wife’s food might be a little different than my food.  You buy everything at the grocery store.   Then you start cooking.  During the first stage of the program, my back started feeling better, and my attitude improved.  Because when you’re always the biggest guy in the room, you can get depressed.  And when you get depressed, you tend to eat a lot.  Losing weight has helped me get comfortable with the way I look.

With this diet, it isn’t all about the calorie count.  This program provides a lifestyle change that lets you know what kind of food your body likes and what it doesn’t like.  I’m back to eating as much as 2,400 calories per day without putting on any weight, provided I eat the right things. But even if I go off the deep end one day, I know how to bring myself back on track. For us, The fat loss system at Vibrant Life Health Center has been the best Valentine’s present we could give each other.  It’s a lifelong gift.”

If you are looking for a way to burn fat and trim down, now is a great time to begin.  Through Valentine’s Day, we are offering 25% off your first 40-day round or 35% off your next round.  Call (904) 419-8542 to learn more. 


  1. The great thing aboutcouples losing weight together is it eliminates all the temptations that having junk food around can cause. Nothing derails a diet faster than a box of Twinkies.

  2. My wife and I went through this program together and it made it much easier. We helped each other stay on track and we eat mostly the same kinds of foods so there was no temptations. I lost 34 lbs and she lost 21 lbs total. We are coming up on one year anniversary and we have kept the weight off as well. Thanks Dr. Jon. :D