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What to Expect When the Unexpected Happens!

"Your First Visit to the Vibrant Life Health Center"

By Tracy Thomas, Vice President 

Dr. Thomas
Visiting a chiropractor for the first time can be like a box of chocolates. As Forrest Gump once said, “You never know what you’re gonna get.” For the most part, chiropractors do a more comprehensive job of getting to know you and your concerns before providing any treatment than regular MD’s. Having said that, not all chiropractic centers are created equal.
At the Vibrant Life Health Center, we want to provide you with a picture of what you’ll get on your first visit. But first – and there’s no way around it – there’s some paperwork to take care of. Naturally, to treat you effectively, we will need to know about your history and whatever discomfort you may be experiencing.
The nice thing is you can get the forms on our website, complete them in the comfort of your home, and bring them with you on your first visit to our office. There are diagrams for you to illustrate where your problem areas are. Filling out this material at home will allow you to put some thought into exactly what problems you would like Dr. Thomas to address.
When you get here, you’ll be greeted and you’ll need to sign a few additional forms that have to be signed on site. While our receptionist inputs your information into our system, you’ll have an opportunity to watch a short video about chiropractic. It’s very informative, and it explains terms like subluxation.
As defined by the Association of Chiropractic Colleges, a subluxation is a complex of functional and/or structural and/or pathological articular changes that compromise neural integrity and may influence organ system function and general health. Both the video and Dr. Thomas will explain why subluxations are a problem and how Chiropractic treatment can help.
Shortly after the video is over, you’ll meet with Dr. Thomas. He will begin discussing your medical history with you and ask you about whatever health problems motivated you to make an appointment.
The Tytron Nerve Scan
Dr. Thomas will then do a nerve scan with a Tytron instrument. Every organ in the human body is controlled by the central nervous system. The nerves are like wires running from the brain, down the spinal column, and out to each organ in the body, including the heart, the lungs, and even the skin. Each of the nerves emanating from the spinal column is associated with a particular part of the body and with a specific area of the skin. Interferences in the nerves can be the cause of problems in the body part associated with that nerve.
The Tytron Nerve Scan is a tool for measuring what’s happening on the outside of a person’s spine and upper cervical area. It’s completely painless and it only takes a minute or two. The data collected show where any interference may be occurring in the nerves. The printout from the Tytron shows the doctor and patient where the problems are. This enables the Vibrant Life team to specifically address areas of concern. It can also help to address problems that aren’t yet causing any symptoms for the patient.
Weighing in on a Bilateral Scale
The bilateral scale looks like two normal bathroom scales adjacent to each other. Being weighed on a bilateral scale shows how much of your weight is normally on each leg. The ideal is for a person’s weight to be evenly distributed. However, that frequently is not the case.
It can be surprising for patients to see that they’re carrying ten pounds more on one side than the other. An imbalance can cause discomfort in other parts of the body. It can lead to problems in the knees, the pelvis, and even in the shoulder opposite to the leg bearing most of a patient’s weight.
The Examination Room
In the examination room, Dr. Thomas will take you on a brief illustrated tour of Chiropractic. The pictures and diagrams on the walls, which have just the right level of detail, are there to show patients how the spine and the nervous system work with the rest of the body.
At some point, Dr. Thomas may mention that people make plans to buy vehicles, plans to buy houses, and plans for advancing in their careers. Then he may ask, “What have you done to plan for your health? What is your five-year plan?”
It’s a thought-provoking question because most people don’t think about planning for their health as much as they should. Lots of folks put more thought into rearranging their furniture than they put into planning for their own health.
Posture Evaluation
As a highly trained and experienced Chiropractor, Dr. Thomas can easily recognize many of the posture problems people are having. It’s not hard for him to see a condition like forward head posture, or to see when one shoulder is lower than the other, or a variety of other abnormalities.
However, patients don’t have to take his word for it. Believe it or not, he has an app on his phone which will take pictures from the front and side of the patient and will then provide an overlay diagram showing patients their posture challenges. Then and there, a patient will see the posture problems he or she is living with.
Tests to Make Sure Patient is Ready for Treatment
As he moves the patient from room to room, Dr. Thomas is becoming familiar with the patient, evaluating his or her condition, and developing a plan for treating the patient. Toward the end of the process, which takes about 45 minutes, Dr. Thomas will perform several tests to make sure the patient is able and ready to be adjusted. Before making any adjustment, Dr. Thomas performs several tests, including orthopedic, neurologic, sensation, reflex, and muscle tests.
Many chiropractors have one, or two, or perhaps three techniques at their disposal. Dr. Thomas has mastered many more techniques than the average Chiropractor. This enables him to approach problem areas in more than one way, depending on what he thinks will produce the best result and what the patient is comfortable with.
After the Adjustment
After getting an adjustment, the patient will be escorted to another room. He or she will be seated on a chair with a special pad for exercising the pelvis. Then the patient will be shown how to move around on the pad. This final step hydrates the spine which helps to lock in the adjustment.
 Consultation with Dr. Jon Thomas

In this article, I have discussed what patients can look forward to when they visit the Vibrant Life Health Center for the first time. Through December, new patients can get complimentary Posture Analysis, Tytron Nerve Scan, and a one-on-one consultation about their health with Dr. Thomas. 

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At Vibrant Life, we address all of the key elements to add vibrance and vitality to your life. This includes nutrition, chiropractic care, and fitness. If you need to consult with a chiropractor about your neck, back, or any other health concern, please contact our office to set up an appointment.    
Dr. Jon Thomas D.C PSc.D, Board Certified Chiropractic Physician. Dr. Jon Thomas is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician. His practice, The Vibrant Life Health Center, is located in the Mandarin section of Jacksonville. His interest in health and fitness started early, and his athletic pursuits have included BMX racing, Professional Snow Skiing, Water Skiing, Baseball, Weight Lifting, and Martial Arts. After studying and learning from some of the top health experts throughout the world, Dr. Thomas dedicated his life to helping people of all ages to transform their lives. The objective for each patient is to initiate the body’s healing and to work progressively toward a body that functions optimally. Dr. Thomas is seen regularly on TV on First Coast Living, where he discusses the transformations of his patients. He also speaks at events throughout the community and writes informative articles to improve the health of residents throughout Jacksonville.


  1. I liked the part about the bilateral scale. This way I can blame one side of my body for being 10 pounds overweight. Brilliant!

  2. The process for new patients sounds very informative and it also sounds like Dr. Thomas spends more time getting to know the patient than many other practitioners. I think there's a lot of value in that.

  3. I have been through this process and all I have to say is, that it is painless, through, and most of all effective. You won't be disappointed.