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Why Most Diets Are Doomed

By Dr. Jon Thomas

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Almost everyone at some point in their lives decides they want to lose a few pounds.  That’s a given. Through either the action of time or circumstance, most of us wake up one morning and look in the mirror only to decide that we don’t like what we see staring back at us.  The problem is when that fateful day occurs, when you decide it’s time to trim down, there is no simple solution.  That’s because while there are nearly as many diet plans as there are stars in the sky, trying to find one that actually works is nearly as complicated as putting a man on the Moon.

All Diets Are NOT Created Equal

As anyone who watches TV or reads the news knows, there are hundreds of well-advertised diet plans out there that “Guarantee Weight Loss” or purport to be “Doctor Supervised.” The problem is, it’s hard to tell one from another.  Perhaps you have tried one of those name brand diets in the past with mixed results.  What I mean by that is maybe you lost some weight while you were in the program, only to gain it back when the diet was done.  The problem with generic 1-size-fits-all diets is that they produce generic results.

The facts are that everyone doesn’t store or burn fat for the same reasons.  Just as no two people are exactly alike, neither are the conditions that trigger fat storage.  So, the first problem with the majority of diets out there is that they don’t take the time to discover what triggers fat burn and fat storage in you.  This is a fatal flaw that will come back to haunt you once the diet is done, since a body on a diet tells the metabolism to set itself on famine mode.  Through millions of years, the human body has been conditioned to survive extended periods of famine.  When times are lean, your metabolism automatically sets itself to store fat in order to eke out every last calorie to its fullest.  That’s why it’s a lot easier to put the pounds back on when a diet is done then it is to lose the weight on the first place. In addition, our environment is becoming increasingly more toxic which leads our body to defend itself by storing foreign coins in the body in fat cells!

Therefore, the first thing anyone who wants to lose weight needs to do is determine how their fat metabolism is set, as well as the kind of foods that trigger fat burn and storage.   The only way to determine this is by performing a diagnostic scan.  With Vibrant Fat Loss, we perform a Body Composition Analysis that analyzes 15 different components related to your body’s control of fat metabolism. This analysis tells me what state your body is currently in regarding fat metabolism. It will also help identify the state of your body when it comes to such things as how much adipose and visceral fat you currently have, and identify how your cellular hydration levels are.  Before we craft a plan that is tailored to you we perform a bio-feedback scan that analyzes over 2,800 factors related to your systems balance with fat metabolism and what you need to do to ignite fat burn..    

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Once we design a custom-made plan that takes into consideration your individual physiology, we don’t stop there.  This is only the beginning.  When you begin to change your diet, we also need to make sure your body doesn’t suffer nutritionally.  That means we need to know which vitamin and mineral supplements we need to give you to make up for any food that you are going to avoid as a fat trigger.  

It amazes me that so many diet plans ignore the fact that everybody burns and stores fat differently.  What works as a fat trigger for some, is a fat burner for others.  As I pointed out before, while reducing the caloric intake can force the body to shed the pounds, if that’s all you do, then you’re setting yourself up for failure once the diet is done.  The real test of a successful diet plan is not how much weight you lose, but how much weight you keep off.  For that to work you need a plan that continues once the diet is done.

The Key to Keeping the Weight Off

The next time you are considering a weight loss plan you see advertised, ask the people who promote the diet what they do to help you keep the weight off once the plan is complete.  If all they offer to do is sell you yet more of their pricey pre-packaged diet meals, then you are in for a letdown.  In our Vibrant Fat Loss program, the plan doesn’t end when the diet is done.  We make sure that you have all the tools and ongoing support you need to make sure you don’t backslide into putting the pounds back on.  

With our plan, this support system isn’t an afterthought.  It’s a vital component of the program that ensures your success.  This way if you find that you put on a few pounds during the holidays, you can call or text us we we will help you take the corrective action you need to get back to your ideal weight.  As with our entire fat loss program, with Vibrant Fat Loss, you will not be supervised by a weight coach or counsellor, but by a physician certified in nutritional health.

Talk the Talk or Walk the Walk?

The final arbiter of success in any weight loss program should not come from a celebrity endorsement.  It should come from ordinary people who have succeeded with the program.  And I mean LOTS of people.  If you check out any of the videos I have included with this blog (and on our YouTube channel), you will see some of the thousands of people that I have helped transform their lives.  This program is about so much more than just losing weight.   I have had patients report back to me that their physicians had stopped medicating them for a prior health issue because their body is no longer showing the signs of ill health.  Everything from high blood pressure and heart disease, to diabetes and digestive disorders can be helped by losing fat and improving nutrition.  

More importantly, I am not simply touting the benefits of our fat loss system.  I am proof positive of its success.  That’s because I did the program myself and went from 204 pounds to 170 pounds, which is a weight I am glad to say I still maintain to this day.  What’s even better about my personal transformation is that I know what it takes to succeed and I share all of my experience and those of my other patients with you.

If you are looking to find a way to transform your body and improve your health, I urge you to call me at (904) 419-8542 so you can find out what this program can do for you.  As an added incentive, we are currently offering to provide all the supplements you will need to succeed free of charge as part of our commitment to you.  That’s a $250 value.

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Dr. Jon Thomas is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician. His practice, The Vibrant Life Health Center, is located in the Mandarin section of Jacksonville. After studying and learning from some of the top health experts throughout the world, Dr. Thomas dedicated his life to helping people of all ages to transform their lives. The objective for each patient is to initiate the body’s healing and to work progressively toward a body that functions optimally. Dr. Thomas is seen regularly on TV on First Coast Living, where he discusses the transformations of his patients. He also speaks at events throughout the community and writes informative articles to improve the health of residents throughout Northeast Florida.


  1. What most people don't realize is that there are a number of phases involved with weight loss. If you don't understand the big picture, you are in for a big disappointment.

  2. Most diets fail because they do not address all the facets and factors need to instill permanent change. Dr. Jon program not only guarantees the result, you keep the weight off as well.